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kpicosim is a development environment for the Xilinx PicoBlaze-3 soft-core processor for the KDE Desktop (Linux). The environment has an editor with syntax highlighting, compiler, simulator and export functions to VHDL, HEX and MEM files. It provides more or less the same functionality as the Mediatronix pBlazeIDE (windows).



[V0.7] [older versions]


Beta, needs testing. Report bugs, feature requests and comments here.


You have to compile the program from source. First unpack the sources:

tar zxvf kpicosim-0.7.tar.gz

Change directory

cd kpicosim

Then run configure


After that, compile the source:


And as last install the program (make sure you are root (su, type root password)):

make install

Now the program kpicosim is installed on your system. Just run kpicosim


V0.7: 'TEST' did not evaluate the MSB when setting or clearing the carry
V0.6: Debian packaging support by Adrian Knoth
      Initial JTAG support
      Initial Help
V0.5: 'ORR sX, sY' assembled to 'ORR sX, kk' where kk was undefined
      'SUBCY sX, sY' simulated wrongly (undefined behaviour)
      'SUBCY sX, kk' simulated wrongly (undefined behaviour)
      Save/Restore settings on open/close. (Not everything yet)
      Popupmenu in serial view.
V0.4: Added the debug toolbar
V0.3: Added export to *.HEX and *.MEM files
V0.2: Made assembler more verbose
      Added icons
      Improved debugger
V0.1: Initial Version


serial port: serial.psm


pBlazeIDE; picoblaze IDE for windows by Mediatronix
GEZEL2; The GEZEL language is a cycle-true hardware description language.
openPICIDE; openPICIDE is an integrated development environment for Linux, developed by Christoph Fauck and licensed under the terms of GPL.

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